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The state of California is invested in the health and well-being of workers across our state. As a local, independent insurance agency, LPL Insurance Agency works with many small businesses to provide legally required workers compensation insurance, among other services. Your employees need to feel safe and secure on the job, and we can help you provide a safer, more welcoming workplace.

Insurance to Protect You and Your Employees

Workers compensation insurance is a liability insurance product that pays out in the event of an on-the-job injury, regardless of which party is responsible for the injury. This insurance protects workers, and it also protects companies from certain lawsuits related to on-the-job accidents. The size, industry and scope of your organization will influence the type and amount of coverage your business needs.

The insurance experts at LPL Insurance Agency can help you learn about your responsibilities as an employer and find solutions to fit your company’s current circumstances. Our workers compensation packages may include options such as

  • Physician consulting
  • Legal staff
  • Medical disability case management
  • Certified life-care planning nurses
  • Vocational rehabilitation consultants
  • Contracts with medical network providers
  • Managed prescription drug programs

Education and Other Programs for the Workplace

LPL Insurance Agency takes risk management seriously. Prevention is one of the best ways to the cost of insurance premiums and protect your company’s bottom line. In addition to providing workers compensation policies, we also provide educational materials to help you maintain a safe, comfortable working environment. Our risk-management experts will consult with you to make sure you have properly displayed state-required safety posters and other required information in areas where your employees can see and read them.

Our service doesn’t end when a claim is made. We assist employers with the tracking of active workers compensation claims, and we work toward the goal of closing these claims as quickly and efficiently as possible.

If you need help with workers compensation insurance or have questions about your liability as an employer, contact LPL Insurance Agency today. We look forward to helping you manage your corporate risks so you can focus on getting the job done.

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